Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dr. Dobson Endorsement: Why & Talking Points

Dr. James Dobson has stated plainly he will not vote for John McCain. He has also very recently expressed displeasure at Mitt Romney's deceitful use of some of his statements.

That leaves Mike Huckabee...

At a time when Mike Huckabee and Mr. Romney are still struggling for the mantle of "consensus conservative candidate", what might a Dobson endorsement do for Huckabee? I think it just might be the thing to finally win it for Huckabee. Don't you? The thing to finally convince the enormous, but still divided, crowd of evangelicals (with whom Dobson carries amazing clout) to go with the former Arkansas Governor. A real possibility. So...

Willing to dream, to give hope another chance, I am asking you to step into the fray for Mike Huckabee, and petition Dr. James Dobson for a Mike Huckabee endorsement...and for one soon! I have. But I am one voice... Dr. Dobson needs to know that this is an endorsement that hosts of Bible believers (not just some obscure blogger) really want!

For all who are willing to hope with me, to politely and kindly request a Huckabee endorsement from Dr. James Dobson, please do so here (Focus on the Family's online form):

REMEMBER: Dr. Dobson will need to hear real, legitimate reasons for your request; he will need reasons for being convicted as you are.


Mike Huckabee is the only candidate...

...who fully supports BOTH
a constitutional amendment banning homosexual marriage AND an amendment banning the killing of unborn innocents.

...who we can COUNT ON to appoint conservative, pro-life judges and Supreme Court justices (who can then overturn Roe v. the near future...really!).

...who is indisputably a moral conservative to the core, and out of genuine CONVICTION.

...who understands and/or acknowledges that we are in a theological war with Islamo-fascists.

...who can get to Washington unbeholden to the Washington establishment (why do you think they have fought so hard against him?).

...who speaks with any frequency about our nation's
desperate need to retain its sovereignty.

What's more, he is the only candidate...

...who can communicate as eloquently, powerfully, and persuasively as Barack Obama, and not be overshadowed by him in a televised debate.

NOTE: If you do petition/e-mail Dr. Dobson, please leave a brief comment (just your name would be fine) on this post, so we can see how many do it. The more who do, the more others will be emboldened to act. That's our nature. =)

Come on, conservatives! The next few weeks are our last chance at a Mike Huckabee nomination. Time is ticking. NOW is the time. Let us redeem it.

There is yet HOPE.


Heidi said...

I saw your comment on the Huckabee blog and thought it was a great idea!

I encourage anyone else to do this....doesn't have to be anything lengthy or complicated, because the very fact you're contacting them about this matter speaks volumes to the staff at Focus on the Family!

Among buisnesses there's a saying "for every person who writes five more people intended to write but didn't." Aren't you willing to give up a few minutes of your day to represent the voices of five people?

TEEN 4 Huckabee said...

Great idea! I contacted Dr. Dobson and respectfully requested his endorsement of Huckabee. I hope others will do the same and that he will listen. I fail to see why he hasn't done something already. After what he has said, there are only two candidates left for him to choose between, and considering Romney's record and recent flip-flopping, only Huckabee is left. But, there is definitely still hope! Go Mike!

John Morris said...

For any who are contemplating the idea of contacting Dr. Dobson, I can tell you that I was contacted by his people today, and received a thoughtful reply to my request.

Let's flood them with requests!

Dragon said...

I wrote Focus on the Family a couple of days ago, with my thoughts on why Huckabee was the best candidate, and why he needs their support, now. I sincerely hope he is seeing some of what we are writing and will respond favorably.