Saturday, December 15, 2007

Premium Poll Positions

Recent polls have Mike Huckabee...
1st in Iowa
1st in South Carolina
1st in North Carolina
1st in Florida
1st in Michigan
1st in Texas
1st in Oklahoma
1st in Arkansas
1st in Georgia
1st in the Nation

Mike Huckabee is 1st in more states than any other Republican candidate.

What's more, Mike now has Reagan's 1984 campaign director, Ed Rollins, as his own national campaign chairman. Ed Rollins is the man who helped Reagan win 49 states! Rollins believes Huckabee can win. So do I. And, I do the Democrats.


bpassmore said...

IVR has Mike 1st in texas...
and check this out..

John Morris said...

Thanks for the update. I'll change my post...thanks to you. That link is pretty interesting.